Does anyone make a FG bucket the same size as a DP95?


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I am finally freeing up some funds and was contemplating selling my vinyl DP95 and getting a FG bucket from Marrow, but there is somehting that I need to know.

I am only 5'8" and 170#. As it stands now my DP *appears* big and I have heard that it is one of the smaller buckets that one can get. Does anyone make one that is the same size? Or am I doomed to walk around in my finished FETT looking like one of those MANGA FETT dolls?

Any help will be appreciated.
I have a *cringes* Rubies helm which I converted for my custom mando. I used it merely as a practice before actually caving in and buying a better bucket. I know most everyone is against the Rubies - seen it dubbed the 'worst' helmet to buy, even - but I have to say that with my size it actually works. I do, however, agree with what has been said about it's durability and ability to maintain it's shape. (Though that's nothing that can't be fixed, just takes more effort)

I, too, am looking to purchase a helmet from Marrow, but am concerned that if the Rubies already looks a tad big on me, if the marrow helm will do the same. I know that isn't really helping you out in what you're looking for, but I am interested to know the answer as well.
Unfortunately unless you are a large person...5'10" or taller...a lot of the buckets are going to look huge on your head. Even while wearing mine...I still resemble a Boba Bobble Head (hehe). To fix this problem, I added some foam in the top of the bucket, to kinda "push" the helmet up off of my head more, therefore giving me more room between my shoulder and neck. It looks better after doing this, but still, you're not going to get away from the fact that the bucket is going to look huge on us who are of shorter stock.
I dremel cut two inches off the bottom of a Rubies helmet for my kid's first bucket. It looked quite...uh....:facepalm Padding the top of the inside is definitely a better way to go.
This is also a thought that crossed my mind .. My brother's don post 1997 fits me just right, so a fibre glass helmet of that size would be perfect :)

This is partly the reason why I am going to learn to make my own :)
There is an awesome thread in here somewhere that Mardon showed everyone how to build your own helmet. If you use the same dimensions as the '97 it should work.

Do a search in the helmet section for it.
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