Does anyone here do latex mask work?


Jr Hunter
Hey guys, I'm wondering if anyone does any work in latex masks... I'm needing a Ki Adi Mundi mask for my jedi costume... Would be willing to do a commission if the price is within my range

Please let me know... I can't seem to find any for sale (believe me, I've checked 10 pages of google searching and all are either sold out... or they just don't seem to exist!) Or if anyone has one for sale...

here's what I have so far.... but I'm a far cry from ki adi mundi!



New Hunter
Well if you're good at sculpting maybe u can start a new hobby and make them yourself :) Sculpt and mold it in plaster. Then get some latex pour it in and whoalla you got yourself a mask.


Active Hunter
Well what is your price range? I've made masks and it's NOT CHEAP. It is Not something you're going to get for $200.00. especially as a one off piece. Your talking about up to $1000. Time and materials is expensive and it has to be worthwhile for the artist.

Keep looking on EBAY. That might be your best bet. If not try doing it yourself.;)


Jr Hunter
I did finally find one on rebelscum (the retail don post). I did find some people that made it and yeah, the prices were around 500 or so.... thanks for the tips though guys, much appreciated.


Jr Hunter
Definatley not going to get off cheap with any mask or appliance set. I just finished the Sculpt for my main costume (Emperor Palpatine) and in materials I'm staring down the barrel of at least 800.00 in materials and I did the sculpt. However I am glad to see that you found what you were looking for.