Do you really need the gauntlets?


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Do you really need the gaunts?

im trying to finnish my fett costume for the end of september for my birthday.....but i really dont think i have the skill to make the gauntlets....or the money to buy them

i might try and make them out of pape mache (im ok at that..) but they might look a bit kack...

Is there anyone out there who didnt/hasnt (got) have gauntlets???

back in the day, i made my gauntlets from aluminum duct pipe. I know I have them here somewhere. let me take a pic.





Parts used:

aluminium duct pipe (for dryers, etc)
some pvc piping
plum bob (cut down on the bandsaw)
an empty cigarette box
3 small empty staple boxes (for a staplegun)
drywall plaster (used as a glue which I molded to fit)

cost: about 10 bucks. Are they the best things in the world? Nope, but they worked for what I needed until I got a real set. So, as long as you have access to some materials, I have no doubt you could make yourself a temp set to use. Good luck!
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Wow!!! thay look well class!!! Im impressed!!! I dont know how im going to make them...but ill do it somehow......thanks for all the tips!!

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I'm in the same situation as you are and am planning to give building my own gauntlets a try.

I found this thread on TDH that has some templates on it that may help you out. (thanks biomechaniod56 for posting them)

Gauntlet Template
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