Ding Dong!! Finally got my bells finished


I've finally got a peice of my costume finished :thumbsup: :thumbsup: , well maybe depending on your comments, suggestions cristisms. Feel free to comment, all comments will be taken to heart and could possible destroy me :lol: , seriously though any comment will be appreciated

thanks :) . This is my first costume so I'm kinda of struggling my way through(you guys have helped a lot though :thumbsup: ) with the actually making side of it, I'm just hoping my art ability will make it look better than it is.
you got the fudamentals of weathering down...not too much, dirt where it should be. Nice job, lets see some more !

Just remember, if you don't have confidence in tacklilng something, no one ever criticized anyone for practicing on something first. Find cheap bike helmet or something and go at it!
Great work. I remember how hard it was to get my first Jodo suit done. In fact, the very first pieces I did were my shoulder bells. One small step at a time amigo. Keep it up.
Finally got my bells + knee pads finished

Well I managed to nearly finish my knee pads (just need the darts) any comments, suggestions, as always will be welcome




My first suggestion - CLEAN UP THAT ROOM!

J/K - They look good, nice weathering effects. What are you using for for the darts?
I used metal spacers for bolts to make mine. I had to dremel the inside of them out before I could slip the smaller spacer inside the bigger bigger spacer. For the pointed one, I used a brass nipple and sprayed it chrome.
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