Differences in Ammo Belts + Pouches ROTJ ESB


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I am shufling through the images of the Ammo belts there are three versions of the same belt.

We Have

1: Postproduction

2. ESB (or same Postproduction)



5. Either ESB or ROTJ (Version 2)

Numbers 1. and 2. I believe was used for the ESB version as well as the Postroduction with 2 grommets and overlapped with the right end on top (could be that the belt is upside down). The first image looks like black Velcro was used for closure.

Numbers 3. and 4. I believe are the ROTJ versions with 6 grommets and overlapped with the left end on top. They seem to be the same belt, however the weathering shown is not 100% identical. But this could be the difference of two different size waists placing the left end of the belt farther up or down the belt.

Number 5. I believe to be another ROTJ version with no visible grommets, but punched holes in their place. It could just be "user error" that someone attached it incorrectly, and we are seeing the right end as opposed to the typical left end of the belt on the ROTJ version. Otherwise it is a another version of the belt entirely. Possibly in its original "Found" state?

The Belt is 2.5" to 3" wide. The Stiching on the leather makes me believe that it is a found item.
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Some comparision Pictures

1. Postproduction

2. ESB

3. ESB


5. ROTJ (Version 2?)

6. ROTJ (Version 2?)

The ESB Version has two pouches with buttons on the flap. There are three (I only see two though) pouches on the right and four pouches on the left. The 3 on the right look very close to the Preproduction pouches while the ones on the left are narrower.

The ROTJ Version (image 4) does not appear to have any weathering on them were the post ROTJ Publicity photos (images 5 & 6). I count 9 pouches across the front.
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Also, understand that these pouches are more than twenty years older now, and after many exhibits, the weathering accumulates, too.


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Note that the ESB belt and the ROTJ belt are not the same belts. Also note that the belt number 5 in your first post is from one of the displays of Boba like MotM or AoSW. The laced belt was never used on screen as far as I know (I have done a lot of belt research myself).