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I would like to take this opportunity to say how much I hate my girth belt.

I have given up on acetone...I have given up on dye...I have given up on the mockery that this belt has made of my free time.

Anyone know of a good Sarlaac around here that I can throw it into?

I am now in the midst of airbrushing the rotten thing. (Clearance item at Stateline Tack... 100% Mohair $7.99...so what do I care?)

I airbrushed a fairly dark layer of color on it, let it dry, and then put it through the washer on Cold/Cold with no detergent. Came out soft and flexible with color intact. So I am now doing touch up work on it.

If anyone wants to see when I get it done I'll post some pics. Thanks for letting me vent!!!:)
:lol: I know how you feel......I was part of the unfortunate group some 5 years ago that were trying to dye ours even before we knew about the acetone wash....

I gave up and found a brown one pre-dyed for my ESB costume.:D

Steve (y)
I just found the title of this thread throughly entertaining alone. :lol:
So it drew me in just to see.
Oh well It goes to show with these damn things, it may be 100% mohair but some of them are just not worth your precious time. Sorry to hear about it and vent away!!!!:)
i agree, i think the acetone is a myth, i ven one upped it to automotive strenghth lacquer thinner, still ended up painting it. damn scotchguard or whatever they put on there
Ripcode said:
It didn't take the dye?

How about a pic of the belt? I'll know right off it is "100% Mohair".

I don't have a pic of it right now or as it was. It was kind of a misty white color and was hairy. Kind of like a angora sweater but not quite as hairy.
Gotta love Henry Rollins!!!
Thanks tk3130 for the props.
Guys I hate to say it but whatever they put on there is meant to keep it from being to abrasive on the horses girth and chaf. OR So I've been told. Finding one that is untreated is hard to come by and most suppliers don't know if they are because that is what they are used for. Not for us nuts who are driving all these poor English Tack shops crazy with our Fett demands.:lol:
You just have to luck out, and after much searching as I've said in the bajillion girth belts threads in here I managed to find one and it seems to work just fine. Its hit or miss much like gambling really.
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