Did anyone cast a circuit board for the back of the helmet?


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I remember a while back there was talk about the circuit board placed behind the keyholes in the ESB Boba helmet, and I seem to remember there was some talk about a resin cast of said board. Was this ever offered? Did I miss it?
I was wondering about that myself. Im down for one if anybody has them.
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Macantosh station 1138 wrote:

circuit board...??

never seen one.

After using the search function on this board....



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It was recently discovered that the board in the back of the helmet is from the same Casio MQ-1 calculator that the keypad on the left gauntlet is from. After this, Marrow Sun started offering resin casts of the board. I have one myself, it's pretty good quality. A very clean cast, with all the minute details of the board visible.
Just to clear things up here, I'm not selling the resin copys seperatly. If you've aquired one from me it was with a helmet kit. These will be Brak's to offer up to the public.
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