Diameter of gauntlet darts?


I just got a metal lathe, and am going to be making guantlet darts for a freinds costume. RoTJ style.

I have the reference CD and have stared at the relevant shapes for the MoM darts, but I have one question.

What is the diameter of the stock, or widest around point of the gauntlet darts? I need to know what alum rod stock to buy, and have been trying to guess at it.

Hopefully someone can help out...

Badger, so you have the ref. cd? cuz the those were the pics I was gonna send to you, I can still send the ones I was thinkin of for reference if you like. If you want, I can measure out my darts, off of my FP gauntlets and let you know!:)
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Yeah, I had forgotten that I had that, so I have really clear shots of the knee darts, and the guantlet darts as well.

So, now all I really need is some measurements to get started.

I would like the measurements too. I can get a guy to do it for me here at work but I can't find any size info.
I have what I need to get started on this, I a good guess on the size and will be starting this project as soon as I can get to the hardware store to pick up the aluminum rod.

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