dgasser's ESB Resin Blaster finally done


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dgasser's ROTJ Resin Blaster finally done

Well. I finally got my ROTJ Blaster Finished before CIII... (thanks from some help from Got Maul) :cheers.

I bought this resin kit years ago and got it and the raw pictures are at this thread:

But here are the Final pics"






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looks great!! :cheers

but the ROTJ stock doesn't look like a wooden one... does it?? I tried every possible way to get the wood look of of my scratch build thingy... wich actually is a piece of wood. so I bondo'd it heavily, and sanded almost everything off.. that together with the paint did a nice job I think...
I believe the true ROTJ stock is actually resin casted off a wood one. We decided to take a little artistic side route with going what they TRIED to represent :) besides, looks classier.
:) yeah looks awesom!!

and a wooden stock looks more like a real gun indeed... imo a non-wooden-looking stock :p looks indeed more like a spacy futuristic blaster thingy... gues it depends what you're aiming at.

but are those silver scratches on the stock? that would indicate iron.. wouldn't it? I'm just a little confused here... the AOSW pics even show silver scratches on the leather ammo-belt :confused
Thanks for all the compliments. Got Maul did a tremendous job on the paint job I just had to sand my butt off and put the thing togther so it would be a strong as possible. I drilled out the middle of the barrel and put in a very long threaded rod to hold the pieces together. So if need you could disassemble it if you needed to.

(Love the avatar GotMaul).. where's mine?
Thanks Superjedi.. From what it looked like in the beginning I was a bit worried but I'm suprised by the end results.

superjedi said:
You know, I've seen that tutorial on sci-fire.com before. Man! The results are excellent! Great looking blaster.
I love the Frog Juice!!!! ... You just made the ineventible happens by dropping.. The darn thing has been broken 2x before getting to cIII but it has character now.!!!! Battle damage is good.
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