Designing Upper Armor?

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Could anyone give me a statement which shape (template) is the best one at the moment for doing an ESB chest armor. In addition, the armor parts appeared a lot too small to me, when I made cardboard templates to find out the size. What height do they (at least roughly) have?
Do you have the Mandalorian blueprints? Print out the armor, then take them to a printshop where they can enlarged. You will be having them sized to your body type. When enlarging your will take a few attempts to get correct sizing.

Hope this helps!
I have never done this before and have never heard of anyone doing this before. Get a large picture of the armor. Cut it out and glue it to a piece of cardboard. Now cut the cardboard out so u have a picture of the individual armor pieces backed onto hard cardboard. Now take a piece of poster board and place it on the wall. Turn off all the lights and hold a light infront of the piece of poster board on the wall. Now hold the backed picture infront of ur liht source and trace the shadow. By moving the backed picture back and forth you will be able to make the size on the poster board larger and smaller.
I just scaled everything in photoshop to my liking. By the way, the armor should seem a little small. It should sit above your belt and not come down all the way. Boba leaves his belly exposed.
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