Deathwatch Westar35 Sidearm (Identified Base)


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So this is where we are currently, as one of my build group members and I came up with this today:


We are refining it currently and setting it upon our existing model for the Airsoft grips.


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Will you include the base gun stl at some point? Airsoft guns are prohibited in my country and I would love to build one or two of these babies.

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I saw on the bottom of the flared mag-well for the airsoft pistol in the show that the hole was fully covered as well
That is because they were running around with rubber stunt guns. The only time we've seen the original with the open magwell is in some behind the scenes images and clips. All of the westars that can be clearly seen on the Deathwatch or the Armorer's bench in Chapter 3 are stunt blasters.

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Well I think there are others who plan to cast parts, but I plan on doing some STL files. I think it’s necessary to do both the flashback death watch blaster, and the updated one from the night owls. But we’ll see how far I get, I’m still waiting on my airsoft to ship.


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Haven't had much time as I have been working non stop, but I will get the season1 deathwatch version put up on shapeways today.