Death Watch Mandalorians?

Curious if anyone has done a Death Watch mandalorian... I'd like to do one. Think it'd be pretty cool alternative to the ROTJ fett i got going...


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Ah... okay... I was just wondering... I just thought it was odd that Boba would send me to kill mando's. I Wookie'd it and found some pics and a little history on it.

Looking at them, I think it'd make for a great costume. Might be kinda hard to see out of the bucket, if this pic is accurate. Its the one on the right, right?

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Yes the one on the right. The armour differs from those members of the Death Watch you encounter in Galaxies, who wear a more traditional Jango-esque style of armour; but that is a Death Watch Mando. The others are a Mandalorian Crusader (pretty much the original Mandalorians) and a Neo-Crusader from the KOTOR era.


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The death watch armour does looks good. You can find some good pics in the Open Seasons comics. I had considered doing one too, or even something like the MS custom Super Commando!


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Made out of Gundamium? :lol:

Honestly, I don't like any of those mando's. To me, a mando should always have that classic Boba styled helmet, maybe with a few greeblies here and there, but with the same base.
I dont like the little antennae type thingys over the visor, but i think its a pretty cool costume. I would probably go with darker colors as are seen in Open Seasons.Probably sans gauntlets as well as it appear most have wraps around their wrists instead.

Dha Syntir

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Anyone seen anyone with Neo-Crusader armor yet? I figured someone with much more talent than I can muster had created one by now...