DE-10 Blaster Pistol

Josa Mereel

New Hunter
Can replicas be made of any weapon? There's a SW blaster in Star Wars Galaxies called the DE-10 (essentialy a 44 magnum). Would it be posibble to make a replica? I would think i would need to get dimensions and stuff, which might be hard to get from a video game...

You'd probably have to sculpt it from scratch or over an existing gun, then cast it in resin, but yeah you could do it

Here's some pics I found online


You could probably make a pretty nice one out of a colt navy pistol replica because it has the same location of bullet drum and is similar in shape and length
I could make that blaster out of a couple pieces of PVC pipe and wood. That side view of the gun, blow it up on a printer, print it out and paste it on a piece of poster board. Cut it out and bammo youhave a template to trace onto a piece of wood. If you use shelfing board, spruce pine it's really east to cut and sand.
Check out my site for the Rugar based sporting blaster I made.
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