Darth Vader Light Saber


I'm searching for a replica of Darth Vader's lightsaber. I found a lightsaber from UltraSaber that seems pretty legit, what do you guys think?
What are you planing to do with this? Just a display piece or costume? The 2005 master replica version is pretty close , and if you go to I know yikes the dreaded bay you can pick one up for $130- 200 range. These Sabres can be modded for more accurate day blades and be used for actual battle . Although I wouldn't , the idea of banging around one of these makes me nervous, but people do. Here is mine-


Lord Fett

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It also depends what version you want. Disney has an esb version with removable blade for about $120. I have a black series I converted with a removable blade and added led. here is the soldering guide I posted, https://www.reddit.com/r/lightsabers/comments/bxnhts Also, as I was helping my friend with his 501st esb I found there is a lamp you can buy for $50 that when dissembled, is 501st approvable without any mods. The lamp was so nice I decided to keep it and just convert a black series to esb. here they are side by side