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this is a small anticipation of my gauntlets...as you can see is the left one and is not still finished:) :)

That's too bad my friend. Because this picture only strengthens my suspicion of this being one of only 3 sets of vacuum formed Jango Gauntlets that I made for members sometime ago. The picture shows they are white, with primer, and very small amounts of body filler, with sanding progress. Your other pictures show very specific signs of "sharpening of detail" that I did on the vacuum formed versions after pulling them because they were too soft in detail after forming.

There are "other" tell tale signs as well, but I will keep that information for the moderators, who have already been contacted regarding your thread :)

Thank You

let understand me...
are you accusing me to have copied your guantses because I don't have any photos while I am realizing them??
Dark-Side said:
let understand me...
are you accusing me to have copied your guantses because I don't have any photos while I am realizing them??

Well, I'm very sorry about that. And I don't like having to do this. But your measurements are dead on, and so is your detail. So in answer to your question, yes I am. However, I do understand it is not beyond the realm of possibilities that someone else could make a set of Jango Gauntlets that look very accurate. Man Of War makes very nice Jango Gauntlets, so does MB, and RA. But the problem is, my design is very distinct. And I have about 200 pictures showing such. If you do not have progress pictures showing the making these gauntlets, it is very suspicious. If in the end I am wrong, I am man enough to admit that. However, in a case like this, I simply cannot concede that they are your gauntlet design. I will concede that the rocket, is definately not mine :)

Not a problem. But how can you do that without a set of FP gauntlets to take pictures side by side?

Oh, and keep in mind, I do have 3 versions ;)

Dark-Side - That's very nice. I see that you have been studying "MY" pictures ;) But unfortunately, it does not prove anything. My older versions, had higher humps and bumps as well.

If these gauntlets are in fact your design, and they are made from scratch out of different materials, the I propose a little challenge.

Since I am in fact a senior member here, and it is not my integrity in question, I make you a very humble offer. This is something I would not normally do.

If you would consider sending your upper shell master's to me for inspection, I will pay for all shipping costs from you to me, and back. My expense. No better person to inspect the construction, than the one who knows how he makes his own.

You might be asking yourself, "Why would I risk losing my hard work to a guy that might keep my masters". That is simple. I've been on this board for a LOOOONG time. If your gauntlet masters are what you say they are, you will recieve them back intact to do with whatever you please, with my blessing. And I will even post the evidence to CLEAR YOU MYSELF, if they are what you say they are.

The only other possible question you may have, is "What if they are not what I say they are"? If they are not what you say they are, I will post pictures that show the facts, and promptly send them back to you.

Either way, you can't lose your masters. I guarantee it. The only thing you risk, is your reputation. Your integrity. If I say that this is what I will do on the open forum, there are MANY members here that will attest, "He'll damn well do it".

What do you think? :)

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