Cutting the visor out of the face shield


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So I just ruined a face shield trying to eyeball it. Cut it too small for my Asok Budget cc. Going to pick up a new shield today. Does anyone have any tricks for making a template before I ruin another shield? Thanks again!
Try using thin cardboard or poster board. Cut out a rough template bigger than you want the
final size of your visor. Lay it inside the helmet and trim it until you get it to the right size.
Make sure to leave enough that you'll have some overhanging material all around (except for the bottom).

Also, mark your template so that you know which side is left/right. The helmets aren't 100% symmetrical.
Exactly like Eric just said, but sometimes I like to use a cheap, plastic bucket to create a template, as it has a natural curve like the visors do..
What they said, and I would add...cover your visor with blue painters tape to protect it from scratches, make a line down the center, place your visor cut out area of the helmet on the line and trace, create a visor that is approximately 1/4" larger all the way around your traced area and as symmetrical as possible.

If your visor cut out piece is trashed, then trim the shield to accommodate the cheeks and place the visor in the helmet and trace the cut out area on the shield using the center line. Then create your 1/4" larger visor.
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