Cutting slits for chest display


I have FP (version 1) armor, that doesn't have slits for the chest diplay. I have the TK409 display and now need to cut out the slits on the chest display. I'm not sure how I'm going to go about it yet. Does anyone out there have any suggestions, ideas or blueprints for such a things?



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If its fiberglass id just use a Dremal and then use a fingernail flie to make the edges square. Or if you can make a cut through the armor, use a hack saw very slowly to cut it.
Im sure someone has better ideas.

Jimmy BufFETT

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First, ya need to decide where the chest display should go. (I don't know if the FP armor comes with the indentations of where it should go ... my FP armor arrived with the slits already cut.) I would then suggest you draw out where the display should show through and then use an exacto knife to cut out the drawn area and then sand it down so it's smooth.

Anyway, just my opinion. I will say just make sure you take your time if you do it this way.


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How about going to the WOF templates, find one that matches your armour, and tape it on. Then cut :D The WOF templates are a little different than the TK-409 chest display though.