Cutting out the keyholes on a HandSchaub?


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I have not had a lot of time to mess around with my props here of late, but I do have my HandSchaub near my desk and I've started working on cutting out the keyholes.

Basically, I took a diamond-tipped drill bit and drilled as large a hole as possible in the center of each keyhole in order to give the hobby files some room to start filing.

It's slooooow going with the filing, though. I was wondering if there was a faster way to get this task done? I purchased a Dremel diamond cutting wheel, but it's hard to angle those things in the hole(s).

Just hoping that someone's already gone through this and has a better way of approaching it?



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You can try taking a sanding drum and just braze the back of the vents until your desired shape is achieved.

Looking forward to seing the progress!! :)


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I used files on mine.

File, file, file, bleeding fingers, wipe blood from helmet, file, file.





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I just did this very quickly with my dremel. I used a small drill bit.
Insert into the center of coin slot and slowly move in one diection of a the slot and then move it the other direction. And repeat it for the others. You may neeed to turn your helmet around to move it in the other direction. And make sure you have plenty of light to see what your doing.