Currently available HiC components.


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Hi, this is my first post here, but have lurked around here and therpf for a while.

I've long wanted a Han Solo in Carbonite for my house so I can sit on my couch and feel like Jabba (HiC seems more realistic than finding a Leia to chain to my couch).

After years of balking at the Illusive Concepts prices, I've realized that I could just get a MUCH better version at a WAY lower cost if I DIY. I want it because it's cool, don't care about collectibility or anything. Nonetheless, young kids + job left me little time for this kind of stuff.


I've recently left a job and have 6 weeks until the next one starts. Nothing but time. I'm going to finally build one of these things. My main concern is availability of parts/components. I see posts here about so and so doing a 'run' of whatever components, but they're sometimes pretty old posts. The one requirement I have is that I would like to find some things that are available ASAP so I can work on it in my down time. (Guys that need to do runs of their great stuff likely don't keep inventory I'm guessing).

Biggest concern here is the actual 'Han' for the front (what's the terminology? Front Panel?). From reading a lot of posts it seems that the 'Stormrider' Han is the consensus preferred version. (Do I just PM Stormrider and see if he has any?). If he doesn't, and I need to go somewhere else it gets a bit more difficult for me. I see these things on eBay and etsy but I have no idea if they're any good or not. Obviously I want to find the best one I can, but I'm willing to trade SOME quality for availability. If the best isn't currently available and I can gets something 90% as good fairly quickly, I think that's ok. If the only stuff that's available quickly is garbage, I'd rather just put the whole project off.

Does the community here have any insight on the various sellers on eBay/etsy? Who's good, who's not?

Han is the biggest concern, but same basically goes for other components.

Appreciate any tips or advice anyone has on where to source these things from!


I'm interested in that, too.
Because i live in Germany it would also be very interesting where i can obtain HiC parts in Europe?!



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I just recently made a mold of the volvo panels. They're slightly imperfect (all fixable things - especially if you're going to put metal behind the openings) but if you're looking for a budget option they're the best you'll get at $25 each.


I have more pictures/details on my etsy shop