Compressed Air Jet Pack Idea



Compressed Air Jetpack Idea

I had a recent idea of making a "working" jet pack with the gyroscope technology in those scooter things that cost like 2 grand then I remembered how much money this would cost and how un-knowledgable I am of any of this. So I came up with a new idea of building in as many compressed air tanks as possible into a jet pack frame and have a release butten attatched to a cord that lets all the air out of the "thruster" parts of the jet pack creating more of a jumpjet effect. Any other ideas, does anyone think this would work?
I made a similar JP up years ago, I installed a can of keyboard cleaner, the compressed air stuff upside down in the body of the JP. I modified the trigger on the can and rigged it with a pull cord than ran up under my backplate to my shoulder. I could then pull the cord and the liquid air would vent out of the exhaust port of the JP making it appear to be smoking. Looked great, my only design flaw was that I'm unable to now change the canister of air without cutting into the JP.
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M_S, That's a really good idea...the back of my jet pack is open so I could always try something like that.
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I got the idea from a Ride in Orlando in which you are in a "race car" that is compressed air powered and take in mind these tanks were huge but you launched from 0-110 mph in 1sec. How much compressed air could lift say a 150lb person into the air higher than a normal person can jump.
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Dude not to burst your bubble, but I dont think you would hae much control there. And also if a leak broke out, you could combust, or just explode w/ out the flames. It's a good idea though. Worth a thought though.
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Yes the whole exploding went through my head a few times. And im not trying to launch myself 100 feet into the air maybe 10 feet at most and I would test this over and over in different designs in hope to make one that works within a boba/jango jet pack. Maybe there are other possibilities I just thought this would be cheaper. I would love to work on a rocket device that would be directionally controlable by the segway (remembered this time) gyroscope technology but im not rich so thats out of the question at this point of time. Also isnt it known that the best way to go is to go chasing a dream? lol.
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The compressed air effect is good but the weight of an air tank/regulator and harness set up could be quite a backstrain. I remember a year back we were talking about a real jet pack that NASA uses and even those had great limitations. I think to actually lift a person off the ground and hover around had about a 70 second time limit. That was using fuel. If you do succeed at this may want to do a Jango Fett because Boba has a buttstrap ( thong:eek:) and we wouldn't want you to get hurt. :lol:
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