Complete Fett Armor?


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I was wondering if there was anyone who sells complete fett armor, including the guantlets, painted. Basically I can asemble anything but painting is another story. I just cant get the nack of it. If there are any suggestions please pm me.

thanks alot


Mikey Fett

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Well dont feel bad, I spent over 12 months doing research Reading every post, visiting all the great Boba Sites, and viewing everyone’s pictures before I decided on my armor. Even talking with Jeremy Bullock last year at the after party was inspiring , hehe

If you’re Lucky enough to attend DragonCon (Atlanta) you will see some Great Armor. Lots of TDH folks will attend.

It all depends on your budget. Figure when I’m done I will have spent over $1000 for my outfit.

GoodLuck !!
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Thats Cool I dont mind spending the money. I have a tk,tb (almost done) 2 jedi, rft and rebel pilot. I figure you reach the top either you go vader or fett and fett just is more me. so any information would be a big big help.


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Overpriced. I have heard the paint job on things looks like its brushed on. and innaccurate. I had there cod and buttplate and it was great as far as shape but I had to sand it down and repaint it. I hear there Jet Pack is like a brick. I have yet to see there Gauntlets.


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Thanks, that's kind of how I felt. They have a few items that are nice. I got my vest from them and was very happy, the neck seal is attached (nice) and if I'm not mistaking TK409 said he was happy with there coveralls. Other than that I'd have to agree with you. Another thing I noticed is my vest was shipped from the Philippines (is this Jabba's sweat shop or what?)


I have yet to see there Gauntlets.

That's too bad. Starfortress' gauntlets are the one thing I've wanted someone's opinions on for a long time. They claim to be the best anywhere, but at around $350...