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hi guys, anyone has a good comparison shot of the rubies jango helmet next to soemthign else?? (preferably the bobamaker helmet, m_s 1 or 2, or any of teh other currently available helmets, so I know rubies are smaller then for instance an MSH but an MSH is also unafordable an unobtainable for most people, inc me)

cause i edited my rubies jango, and am considerin a new, better one, cause i want to do a better paint job on it.(i made this one before i learned of TDH, Ive seen some tehcniques an stuff on this site, that wuld improve my helmet, since i painted my current of of pics on, steves helmet to be precise)

but before i pay a crate load of money on a FG helmet (wich is ofcourse a big improvement on its own) i want to know if tehre are considerable difference worth paying so much money for. thnx Rick

ps. i ve looked through the measurements on TK409's site, and i must say, most of them match my jango rubies bucket... like the eye slit...myn is actually 3 mm longer, and i thought this bucket was small... (275 mm)

my current bucket, wich some of you might have seen:

Well I dont have any pictures but I can tell you that I have previously owned a DP 97 and a DP 96, I then bought an original M_S 1 and the difference was amazing, it was quite considerably bigger than both the DP's and for the price it was well well worth it, PM Marrow Sun, hope you find what your looking for!!
OrtharRrith said:
Here you go! THe one in the center is a Bobamaker, the other two are Rubies Jango



Did you find it was a good deal? I was convinced to buy it, buy now it looks like a crate load of money judging by the differences, I don;t think theres that much actually... for 185 euros that is...
Now Ive done some stuff with paint , thanks to OrtharRrith for his pics :cheers, and I'm once again like... that IS alot of difference...

hmmm, what do you think?

helm test 60%.jpg
if the above are a little accurate, assuming the both the Rubies and BM helmets lay on my head with the top of the helmet positioned atop my skull, causing the dome sections to be on the same following? then this is showing the size difference....

helm test BM & rubies 60%.jpg
I've got to admit I'm a bit surprised that we're having such a hard time convincing you both of the size difference. There is TONS of material in this forum demonstrating the size differences. The Rubies and Don Post helmets were from the same molds and ARE smaller.

If you upgrade you will not be disappointed. Not only will a fiberglass helmet be larger but it will have a better feel to it, better shape (a shape that it won't lose when heated) and more accurate detailing.
yes that is all very true, it's just that I really dont have alot of money being 17... so I want to spend it well, but I'll buy it... probably end of this month
R_boba_fett said:
yes that is all very true, it's just that I really dont have alot of money being 17... so I want to spend it well, but I'll buy it... probably end of this month

Believe me... I understand the difficulties associated with buying Fett stuff. I bought most of my more expensive parts after selling off the "cheaper" versions first to fund the purchases. I couldn't have afforded it otherwise. Some people would rather buy a fully moded and painted Don Post rather than buy a plain, unfinished fiberglass... either they don't have the time or the skill to paint it themselves. That way you can actually get the cost of a new fiberglass bucket by selling off your Rubies or Don Post.
woops!! sorry Orthar!!! :)

anyways, you're right Web Chief... maybe I should sell me Rubies bucket...


sorry for this late reply, forgot about this thread :p

anyways, it's not gonna be this month... the BM...

hopefully somewhere in August ...

you will find a thread here in the helmet section when i've got it, if you're interested to see my paint proces.
Does any one know how significant the size difference, if at all, is between a Bobamaker bucket and one made by Marrow Sun? They're both gorgeous helmets, but I don't know the dimensions of either...
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