Comments on my 97 DP


well, i think most of you would know i am new to this, so do gimme some comments on what i should change on this DP i have, (i.e. Shape and stuff) if i wanan make a jango~

big pics, so be patient

i am thinking for using an alluminium strip (marked red) to reinforce the bucket. Can adhesives be used?? any good adhesives that will hold?? or MUST I use screws?? i am just trying to keep away frm drilling and stuff..

edit: sorrie for the crappy server and thnks for the input so far. I am still edgey on how to go abt doing this, but u guys have been great help! i m learning more as i go along so pls be patient. I will not dissapoint u guys (ihope...hehe)!!
Ditto for me, I think your bandwidth is exceeded. Probably by the lookielou's that read posts but never leave anything worthwhile :)

I'll keep checking back :)

Hey Cool,

Thanks for your comments on my Dp 97 work. I found when i cut out the old visor and made the full face visor that the helmet was more stiff and rigid than before, so that red area
that you marked will not need reinforcement.

You seem to be afraid of drilling....there is no drilling on the helmet, if you look on my pics again, the only drilling was on the visor where i placed the 25 screws. The screws are 1/4" brass, size 0 and i made washers with scrap visor material, i had to use 2 washers per screw. The visor screws into the helmet plastic very easily with one of those tiny screwdrivers.

If you plan on fiberglassing your helmet.... do it after you put in your full face visor. I will try to put up a link for the brass screws.

here it is...,41306,41334

Good luck.
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