Comments on belts!!!


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Hi all

just wanted some feed back on how my belts are aligning with my armour etc. I know my vest is the wrong material (something i hope to sort out in the next few weeks), and i know my jumpsuit is the wrong shade of grey but at the moment i can live with it :lol:

anyways see what you think (don't be too harse) ;)

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Everything is fine. I wouldn't really worry about anything on that costume, but the shade of the vest, it looks a tad off. I like mine to be really bright :D

Looking good though! I hope you finish it up soon!
evan4218 said:
I dig the belt my friend... and the armor for that matter... good stuff! What make is the armor if you dont mind me asking?

Its made from an old wheelie bin (the type of refuse bin they atach to the trucks when emptying). its about 6mm thick and hard as anything (real pain to cut and bend) but it looks good up close as its thick and solid.
cal196 said:
Belt looks great, you need to add one more though theres 8 pouches, if your not picky it dont matter.

I was originally going for the ESB look, hense the 7 pouches. I think i will be steering towards the SE now though. Does that have the 8 pouches?
I am guessing everything is the same only they just used an esb helmet instead of the ROTJ one which might have been in a museum, I know Ive seen two seperate rotj suits though only one had the esb helmet.
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Ya I just looked, shows how much I know about the esb version. Wonder what made them get an extra pouch for rotj?
Jango_Fett_Jr said:
ESB has 7 (with a gap in the middle, 4 on wearer's left and 3 on the right). ROTJ (and special edition) has 8.

Oh well i better make another pouch then :lol:

thanks for all the advice ppl

Actually looking at those pics i think i have put on a little weight (middle age spread). Down to the gym for me i think.
looks good!!

maybe slide the thigh pouches a bit further to the back?

colors are good, specially with a different vest color this will be just fine.
That belt looks great. Like said above, make yourself another pouch and you will be ready for SE! Oh, how is the back? Did you make it ESB style or ROTJ?
Pavespawn said:
That belt looks great. Like said above, make yourself another pouch and you will be ready for SE! Oh, how is the back? Did you make it ESB style or ROTJ?

I kinda left it plain so i could go either way. Its not exactly screen accurate anyway so I am tempted to leave it for the time being.

8 ammo pouches it is then :lol:

and i moved the hip pouches around the sides slightly

And i am starting to lose a little weight (not quite a six pack yet but at least i don't have a beer keg any more haha)


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