Colour dye's for ESB flight suit?

Mojo Fett

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Hey guys n gals,
So I'm in the process of buying x2 white cotton boiler suits for my ESB flight suit. Can anyone please guide me in the right colour dye to get...
Thanks guys... appreciate it. (y)
Same as 'Nobody' are they equal parts or is it a case that we experiment till we are happy with colour?
You would not want to do equal 1:1 with the gray and the blue. The Royal blue is actually very strong, as a little of it goes a long way. The color will also take differently with the type of fabric being used. I was dying my SGB ROTJ cotton suit and the blue was really dark, while the ESB twill was much lighter, and they were in the same dye bath.

The best way is to experiment with it to get the color you like (AKA, be sure to get color removal as well).

All and all, you will not need the full packet of Royal blue for one jumpsuit.
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Cheers for the info Seven.. :cheers
I'll be using 100% cotton suits.... so I'll use little and often.. with emergency dye remover.. :lol:
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