Collar plate?


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Ok guys, I've checked everywhere that I've seen the mandalorian blue prints and can't find one that has a printable version of the collar plate. Anyone know where I can find a printable version of that one piece?

I was wondering about the collar also. Everyone I've seen around goes flat across, rather than coming down to a slight point.
Sent. I named the templates for the collar pieces as "neck" - just to clarify. Rememeber, there are 4 diff. sizes so just find the one that best matches your backplate.
I made these templates for my armor. I used I pic of Jango for reference.
<img src=>
I have other versions posted here if you want to check them out.:D
Could anyone actualy post the collar temp? My Panda Plat. blokes ALL images in emails. When I had a family member custom cut mine out, the cut it going the wrong way. So the indention goes cupped..
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