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i accidentally pulled out my visor last night while trying to pull out a piece of velcro inside the helmet. i had my visor in with a 2 part epoxy, guess it didn't hold too well. anyway, since it's out i'm planning on putting a clear coat on the helmet to keep the paint job from getting screwed up. i have a can of krylon low odor clear matte finish. is this basically the same thing as the testors dullcote? or would the testors be a better buy? also, would jb weld hold the visor in better than the epoxy did?


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I've used both of those products, and the Krylon won't give you a truly "matte" finish. It's not quite like a satin coat, but it's not perfectly flat either.
Testors Dullcote is the best matte finish I've found. If someone knows of a better product, please lemme know about it! :)


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also, would jb weld hold the visor in better than the epoxy did?

I'm surprised the epoxy didnt hold very well. I never used jd weld, nor ever seen it before, only heard it works very well. I will tell you for a fact that using a hot glue gun works remarkably, I found this out after I realized an error which resulted in me trying to remove the visor, which mind you, took me roughly 2 1/2 hours including cleaning the insiid. If your looking for a realy secure attachment method and arent planning on rplacing the visor anytime soon, I suggest highly using a hot glue gun. Never thought it would work before, but it does.



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Well hot glue gun works, but it depends on what kind and if you painted the inside of the bucket. I Painted my satin black and the hot glue did not hold up. What ive found that works if the visor fits good, is glue one side with Goop and use gray or black calking to fill in. Sounds strange but it has worked on my two helmets. The epoxy never worked for me, dont mean it wont work for you.

Testors dullcote is a great thing! But if you do yoru helmet id use it very lightly. Very lite sprayand see how it looks after it drys. If you put to much on it just looks like there is a very dull clear coat on, dose not look all the real.

I did my Beehive bucket like that with the very lite coat. Ask who have seen it, shes a looker!


i ended up using a plastic bonder 2 part epoxy i found at menards. that stuff is pretty hard core! i actually tried to pull the visor out because it's a little crooked, not happening. you can't tell from the outside, but being a graphic designer, it bugs me. i glued one part at the top middle and the sides near the bottom, the sides of the eye slot i held in with velcro. it's not perfect, but it works. i still haven't done a clear/dull coat. i'm still unsure about it. i can just see it eating away my paint or something horrible like that.