Gel coat fiberglass vs. Resin cold cast


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For those of you who have molded and casted parts, what are the pros and cons between cold casting resin and gel coating with fiberglass resin reinforcement?
Better end result?
More cost effective?
Ease of use?
Less toxic?
Better for large pieces/ small pieces?

I have searched for forums and watched some tutorials, I just wanted to check with TDH community.


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Avoid Cold Cast, it's completely uncessesary for Boba Fett helmets, it's only partially viable for Jango helmets. Cold Cast Jango pieces are awesome though, that's the only Fett costume that I would ever recommend it for.

Gelcoat Fiberglass is strong and durable, and it won't warp unless extreme heat is applied to it, and it will often bounce back to its original shape. Resin Cold Cast however, if you leave it in the car by accident or live anywhere that the temperature gets above 90 degrees, you're basically boned. Cold Cast however is a poor material in general and it hurts the intengrity of the piece in the long run, any piece I own that's cost cast I immediately fiberglass it and ignore that it was ever cold cast to begin with. Unless you properly treat the cold cast surface prior to painting it is difficult to get paint to properly stick to it even with adequate priming.

Structure and durability aside, Cold Cast for Boba Fett doesn't have the correct sheen for it, it's far too dull and is tante amount to using the wrong color green on the dome of the helmet.


I have a cold cast resin helmet and I regret purchasing and painting it. Wish I would have gone with fiberglass. When I received it, the cold cast had had some sort of reaction ( in transit I assume). There were bubbles all over the helmet that needed sanding out, which turned out to be separation between the cold cast and regular resin layers. This made large deep holes which required lots of filling. Seller wouldn't trade me for a new one. Visor area warped overnight on the one half that I didn't have time to to hot glue down. Obviously the exception to most cold cast helmets, but just my experience.

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There are fiberglass cold cast items that hold up just fine, unlike a urethane resin cold cast that you mentioned. Cold cast isnt just Urethane slush cast resin, it can be done with polyester fiberglass resin and fiberglass.

Animefan makes an outstanding cold cast fiberglass helmet The cold cast aluminum powder is put in a clear polyester fiberglass resin gel coat, just like regular fiberglass gel coat , and made just like a gelcoated fiberglass helmet. Its super strong and it actually buffs up nicer than a resin CC helmet. Reason being is the polyester fiberglass resin is harder than urethane resin so it buffs up better.

All that said, i really dont find it needed for Boba because there is SO little metal showing, but as far as durability, a fiberglass coldcast helmet is just as strong as a regular fiberglass helmet. For Jango..its great though!