Clear Coat Sealing


Jr Hunter
I'm getting ready to clear coat my helmet but there is no place around me that sells Testor's Clear coat. What would be the next best thing to use? I know that some clear coats say matte on them but they still give a glossy finish. Any input would be great.


Sr Hunter
in my experience, it's worth it to get the testors, even if you have to mail order it. the finish is much smoother and more consistently dull than any other i've tried, and i haven't had it melt the paint underneath, which i have had with other brands.


Well-Known Hunter
Yep, get mine at Walmart too. I only had a slight problem once. One time the clear caused a blotchy effect on some armor. The can was really low, almost empty. Not sure if that was the cause, or what. Since then, I just throw the can out when it gets really close to the end, don't take chances.


Will using testors dull coat take away from the shinyness of the dent and the other silver damage?

The Krylon will, I know that. I ended up adding more silver to my armor after matte-coating it with the Krylon matte. It was duller and blotchier after so I touched it up. My silver is topical via paint pen, so that might make a difference.