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I have seen a lot of requests for armor templates so i thought i would post the ones that i have made for my armor so any one who wants them can be directed here. If you see a spot that could be more accurate let me know and i will try to correct it. Enjoy:)
<img src=>
<img src=><img src=>
<img src=>
<img src=>
<img src=>

<img src=>
I have redone the neck template to fiot around my neck better. Here are the mods.
<img src=>
<img src=>

And i also noticed that Boba's neck armor is more flat than Jango's and i used Jango for referance when i made the template. So here is the templat based on Boba's armor.
<img src=>
<img src=>
<img src=>
well done!you must be the only one to notice the diff. between jango and boba's collar is only really evident in the aotc pre-prod. pix of jango,but,well spotted!
Well, I have done the left chest plate with the battle damage. I took some pics from the online reference CD and tried to recreate the damage as best as possible and tried to position it pretty much dead on. I believe the pics I used are from the MOM exhibit but I am not sure. What do you guys think? You can get the full sized version here:D
<img src=>
WOW!!! That's even better than i hoped for!! My helmet off for you! They are really dead on!

I take it that the orange/yellow areas are the enamel areas of the weathering.

I'm looking forward to see the rest of the peices...

Yes the orange is the orange/yellow that is on the armor. I am now done with the right plate. Click pic for full sized version.:D
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by the way are there any signifacant differences in the damage on the armour between ESB and ROTJ? I've been trying to find pictures to compare with but the ones i've found are of poor quality and mostly screen shots. (sigh!)

by the way. Have any of you guys seen this picture? Is it just me or is the armor on wrong? Or is the picture mirrored some how? (I'm a simple man i don't know..):confused
I am sure there is a difference. I am going to look in to it and find the differences. As for the pic it is mirrored. You can tell because the range finder is on the wrong side:D
Well, I looked at some pics I have and there is a difference between the two. I will have to find some good ESB pics and do the templates in both ESB and ROTJ.
Dang! You are ambitious! As i said before.. my helmet off to you bro! You guys are really great! I never expected this kind of response... I mean you must have better things to do than this?

I just want to say that i really appreciate the effort!!!

Thanks again!!!
i have looked at pic after pic of both jango and boba, boba's armor is not the same width as jango's....jeremy was a lot thiner and less muscular than ...oh god....the new zealand guy, he was also a little taller which would again make the armor more streached. for the aotc jango they used only the pictures from boba which means they didn't have the same molds as before. tell me what you think
I have them in a printable format if you want them. I think most of them are made to print on 81/2x11 paper and a couple are 8x14. But all you have to do is cut the neck template in half to get it to fit on 8x11 paper. That Kinko's idea is good to:D
hi all? are these templates still available? I would love to check them out. thank you
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