Chest Armor Progress Pics *UPDATED* New Pics Added



*UPDATED* 5/18/03 Just finished my chest armor and added new pictures. All the new pics are on PAGE 3. I finally had the time to also add text to explain a bit what's going on in the pics.... but then you are smart enough to know! ;)

Let me know!!! :D

I am now close to being finished with the repaint of my chest armor. I resized the existing slots in the chest to fit the chest LED's properly and used Bondo & Glaze Putty to hide the seams. I then primed it and started laying down the masking for the chipped paint look. After painting all the layers I dusted some areas with gray, some with black, dry brushed some silver in certain areas then used pastel chalks for added effects. Then I gave it a coat of Flat Clear to protect the finish, tone down some of the more glossy areas and give it a more uniform appearance. On the right chest piece I ran into a snag as the Rustoleum Yellow and the Krylon green clashed and lifted the paint... :angry :facepalm
So I prevented that from happening to the other armor pieces by laying down a coat of flat clear and using it as a barrier.... and it worked!!! :D Too late for the right chest piece and I am in the middle of re-painting that one to match. :(
I also had to reshape the shoulder pieces a bit and down size them.. only thing with that is I did not want to perform a full repaint on them as I really liked the existing paint and decal on it so I was forced to blend in the old paint with the new.
Here is a link to some pics.. the most recent pics are on page 2. Any comments, suggestions? Let me know what you think! :D
Thanks! I wanted to on the faithful side when painting the Boba armor but also wanted to add my own little touch without sacrificing too much.
I used to use pastel chalks for weathering scale models and decided it was time to dust them off and put them back in use! lol.
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Very nice armour bud! I took a quick peek at your bucket too. again, looks great. keep up the good work!
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Thanks guys! I am a little nervous about it as this is my 1st. attempt at any costume. So far although I ran into a few snags it's seems to be moving along. Of course I wouldn't be anywhere near finished if it wasn't for the help of you guys here at THD! :D
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That looks great b.fett! (y)
We were pretty nervous about making our fett's because they were our first costumes but with the help of this board, I think they came out pretty good.
Of course, everything is in the process of being upgraded. :D

Keep up the great work. :)
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Yup! This this board has a lot of info and great ppl on it which give a lot of help! My project got a real boost since I joined. :D
Try the pastels, I think they really set your project off! You can use it on the jet pack, knee darts, blaster anything where you want a smoke mark, carbon streak, ect.

I forgot to mention that instead of buying a whole pastel set where you would really only use the "Earth Tones", I also just use an artists charcoal pencil. It does the same job and is a lot cheaper than buying a whole pastel set! ;)

Just take the chalk/charcoal pencil and rub it on some sandpaper.... Then take a brush and rub it in there to collect the dust.... Place the brush where you want the streak.. apply firm pressure at first, then lighten the pressure as you pull up. This creates the streak. Just remember to always go in a straight line!

If you guys try it, post some pics afterward!!! :D
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