Checking interest on Chest and shoulder decals


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Hi everyone!
I haven't had these available for quite some time, because I ran out of my stock and other projects got in the way.
I know others have been offering versions of chest and shoulder decals, but I was wondering if it is worth it for me to make them again.

If I do these I would offer the clean versions for the same price as I have before $2 for the shoulder decals (ESB or ROTJ) and $4 for the clean chest decals.
I discontinued the weathered chest version because it wasn't cost effective, but if I did bring it back, I may have to raise the price to $7 each.

Again this is just to gauge if it is worth it for me to do a run of these so please don't send payments :lol: .

I've been out of the loop for a while, so if there are any suggestions of making these better or new pictures that have come up with the chest or shoulder decals, please let me know.

I would even consider doing weathered shoulder decals if there are some clear reference pictures for me to work with.
You can e-mail them to me at



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I'll need some eventually and the price looks right. If you do helmet decals I'm interested in those too.

Please PM me if you go ahead with this.