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links fixed :o sorry guys :)

ok i start a new cardboard JP, but that is not the news
if you see this pic
you can see the diference betewen the top of the pipe, and the lower part(or the larger)
hope im not incorrect, but all the JP cardboard or not are wrong, or is the same diameter, but put more lowered than the central pipe.
i start my new pack makin that part more big like on the pic
heres another
so please tellme if your JP are like the pics or the tube is one shape :)
Yeah, what gives with this. I've noticed the same thing. I'm about to start on mine and I need to make sure before I go ahead with this project. Anybody have any info on size, or how much off center the top part is as campared to the bottom?
Yep, I believe this is where many people have gotten their Jet Packs wrong...including Mardon. The top part of the pipe is not the same diameter as the main body of the pipe.
Yeah I agree on this. What do you think the difference in diameter is. It appears to be about an inch to me, but no less than a half inch. It's tricky to tell with the pics and varying perspectives. Also, it appears that both pipes don't line up on center. I'm thinking that perhaps they both lay even with eachother on the backplate, kind of following the same straight line, and then seperating due to the difference in diameter. What do you think?
Yep, you're right Anti-Hero. They both line up on their back side...and I agree its about an inch difference in diameter. The top pipe should be the same width as the main pipe *appears* to be in the middle where those two vertical inner things meet the main pipe...if that makes any sense.
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