cautions on fiberglass webbing sheets inside gauntlets??


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cautions on fiberglass webbing sheets inside gaunts??

I know i read this somewhere on here but after an hour of looking for it i will just ask...Did someone mention a caution about using those fiberglass repair webbing sheets inside the gauntlets...? Something about it heating up or melting styrene or sintra?? I thought i remembered something about it...please help i dont want to melt my gauntlets, just re-enforce them from the inside with some glass

I reinforced my MB gauntlets with a thin layer of fiberglass. It didn't harm it at all.
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fiberglass RESIN the stuff that hardens fiberglass... if you have thin styrene, it will melt and warp the plastic. Though in areas of thick styrene you should be fine. For safety, just use casting resin over fiberglass to stregnthen.

But really, if you've never used this stuff, then make sure you find someone to help you !

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so you are saying that the fiberglass resin and the liquid hardender that you wet the sheets with is what will melt the styrene?? because thats what the bottle is(FG Resin with addl bottle of hardener, and my gauntlets are made of styrene....

In addition if the above is true...what can i paint or spread inside my styrene gauntlets to make it a little stronger or harder like fiberglass ones??? they are thinner and i think a layer of bondo would just crack away...please help

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Would that truck liner stuff work? I've never used it but people have used it in their helmets. Might work. :confused
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