Cargo Hold Term and Guidelines Revision - ALL PLEASE READ!

Art Andrews

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We have made a number of changes to our rules pertaining to the use of the Cargo Hold. While I will touch on the major changes, please read through the entire message carefully before posting in the Cargo Hold. These rules are effective immediately.

Major changes/updates:

  • Previously, you were only allowed to sell Star Wars related items or post a sale which included a Star Wars related item. You are now free to sell any item that does not conflict with the Code of Conduct.
  • Previously, for sale threads were deleted after two weeks. Threads will now be automatically deleted after 7 days without a response.
  • Previously you were asked to contact a member of the administration when your item sold. You now have the option to delete your own thread.
  • We have clarified that a seller is not obligated to sell to anyone.
  • You are NOT allowed to create any type of open bidding, charity auction or silent auction in the Cargo Hold. In addition, you MUST post a price for the item you are selling.
  • You are NOT allowed to interfere with another seller's thread either by negatively commenting on the price or by posting your own item for sale in their thread. We will not tolerate harassment in this area. If the price is too high, the item will not sell. Your comments are not required.
  • As has been previously stated, the administration is here to help as much as possible, but we are NOT obligated to play the role of mediator in sale/trade related disputes. This does not mean we don't want to know about them. If someone is a bad seller, we do want to know, but it is not our job to get your money back, or force the seller to send your item. If you are unwilling to accept the risks involved in online commerce, do not buy or sell here.

Welcome to The Cargo Hold! This forum provides an area for members to sell or trade items. Please note that by creating a thread or posting a message to a thread in this forum, you are agreeing to the terms and guidelines below. Failure to comply with these terms will result in your thread/post being edited or deleted and sanctions being brought against you.

What can be sold in Cargo Hold?
You may sell any item that does not conflict with the Code of Conduct. However, this is a prop and Star Wars related board. Please do not abuse this privilege by turning the Cargo Hold into your personal garage sale.

Lifespan of threads within the Cargo Hold
Threads that have not been replied to for 7 days will automatically be deleted.

Can eBay auctions be posted?
Per the Code of Conduct:
Posting information and/or links to a live online auction (i.e. Ebay, Yahoo!, etc) is prohibited except when you are the seller in the auction.

Best Offers / Silent Auctions / Charity Auctions
As a seller, you MUST state a price in your thread (excluding threads that are simply links to eBay auctions). TDH will permit "OBO" or "serious offers" in a sale thread where a price has been stipulated, but threads where no price is stated, and asks for open or silent offers are not permitted. In addition, silent auctions or charity auctions are not permitted.

Obligation to Sell / First Come Buyer
The seller is free to determine whom they want to sell their item to and are not required to sell to the first person to commit to purchase the item. While we would like to think our sellers wouldn’t deny selling to a particular buyer, a seller is not obligated to sell to anyone they do not wish to for any reason or for no reason at all. Calling “dibs” on an item doesn’t obligate the seller to sell to you.

What do I do when my item sells or is no longer available?
Once an item has been sold/traded, the auction has ended, or the item is otherwise no longer available, you may delete your own post by going into the thread, then choosing “EDIT” in the first post. When the Edit Window opens, choose “Delete” then click the radio button beside “Delete Message.” In the field titled “Reason for Deletion” type in your reason for deleting the thread such as “Item Sold.” Finally choose “Delete This Message.” This will delete both your post and the thread. Please note that the administration will still be able to see your deleted thread.

Runs and Interest Threads
If you plan to produce a limited run of an item and also plan to post an interest thread and/or sign-up list, do not post them in The Cargo Hold. Instead, post the interest thread/sign up list thread in the forum that is most closely related to the item that is for sale (example: post your interest thread for a run of jet pack rockets in the Jet Pack forum). The Cargo Hold is intended for items that are available for immediate sale or trade, not future projects in which the item has yet to be created or completed.

Interference in a For Sale Thread
Do not post criticism in regard to the price or the quality of the item being offered. A seller is free to sell whatever they want and ask whatever price they feel they can get. As long as a buyer is willing to pay this price, the price is fair. The only criticism that should be posted in a For Sale thread is if you feel there is fraud, or deception involved.

Do not post your own for sale items in the for sale thread started by someone else. Start your own thread, rather than jumping into the thread of someone else.

If your contribution to a for sale thread does not advance the sale, you are in the way.

If you spot inappropriate posts in a for sale thread, please alert a member of the administration.

Disputes regarding Sales or Purchases
It is recommended that all parties involved agree to the terms of any transaction prior to the exchange of funds or goods. This includes, but is not limited to, price, condition of the item(s), shipping/handling/insurance fees, anticipated delivery date, and refund policy.

Make every attempt to resolve any disputes that arise via email or Private Message (PM) prior to bringing the dispute to the attention of the rest of the forum. For obvious reasons, bringing transaction disputes to the public TDH Discussion Forums can lead to unpleasant confrontations. If such a situation occurs (i.e. flame war) the administrative staff will act quickly to neutralize the situation.

The administrative staff will not assume responsibility for transactions conducted on the board, and therefore will not act the role of mediator, negotiator, arbitrator or enforcer of any sale. These are private transactions, and the purpose of allowing such sales on The Dented Helmet is ONLY to help members sell and buy items from one another. However, if The Cargo Hold is used as part of a deceptive or fraudulent transaction, swift and decisive action will be taken. Banning of involved parties is one potential outcome.

The Sale of Copywritten Material
TDH Discussion Forums owner and administration staff will assume absolutely no responsibility or legal liability for the sale or trade of any licensed or unlicensed costumes, props, or other items at TDH. Members who sell or trade such items here do so totally at their own risk. Please note that if necessary the owner and administrative staff will FULLY cooperate with any law enforcement agency or legal team involved in the investigation of copyright, trademark or licensing infringement.

Suggestions to Help Sell your Item
If you are posting a topic for an item or items that you have for sale or trade, follow these conventions when authoring the Subject line of the topic that you post. This will allow others to quickly navigate through the topics in The Cargo Hold.

FS: . . .= For Sale (example = "FS: Don Post '96 Fett Helmet")
FT: . . . = For Trade (example = "FT: Left Jango gauntlet")
FA: . . . = For Auction (example = "FA: eBay auction for Zam boots")
WTB: . . . = Want To Buy (example = "WTB: Fett knee darts")
Post Pictures! A picture is worth a thousand words and many buyers will not even consider buying from you without seeing what they are buying.
Give shipping costs.


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What!? I can't flame people for putting their price too high!? What kinda place is this? LOL

Those rules look pretty straight forward and sensible. I did notice one thing - just a minor thing - in the rules section titled:

"What do I do when my item sells or is no longer available?"

it refers to the sale as an "auction", when it has been stated that auctions are not permitted. I know it's just a wording thing, but for the sake of absolute clarity it might be worth changing that word.

:: sorry, it just occured to me where the "auction" comes in... I overlooked the bit about sellers being able to post links to their own auctions - silly me ::


Wouldn't it be an idea to split the Cargo Hold into one section for people who do regular runs of things, and people who want to buy or sell bits? I've found that it's hard to find either when you're looking for it.


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That's pretty crazy that people who sell stuff here now have to bump their threads at least once a week or it falls off the map.


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That's pretty crazy that people who sell stuff here now have to bump their threads at least once a week or it falls off the map.
The original update was from 2007 and I'm pretty sure some of these things no longer apply. I don't think it's necessary to bump threads once a week; they just sit there. I'm not sure we can delete our old and no longer needed threads either.

Edit: well, they used to. All my old FS threads have now gone. Not that I needed them anymore.

Phoenix Props

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Hi all! I'm a long time member of the RPF and a premium member under the username dday. Is there any crossover for RPF members in the classifieds section or the standard waiting to be able to post still applies?


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Hi all! I'm a long time member of the RPF and a premium member under the username dday. Is there any crossover for RPF members in the classifieds section or the standard waiting to be able to post still applies?
For TDH I believe there is still a standard a wait time and certain amount of posts you need to make before you can post in the cargo hold. I hope that answers your question.