Carbon Fiber Boba Fett helmet

Looks it cast off a Don Post Deluxe? Is it the real Carbon Fibre that costs the earth or the stuff you mix with resin?

Does look good....
This is 5.7oz carbon fiber cloth that is applied using a plastic called 16-30. No resin used here. In general, resin is an awful material to use. Resin is soft. 16-30 is dense and what we use in studio molds for helmets and costumes.
Hey brother,
I was wondering when you'd find your way here. Welcome aboard. I know we've interacted but I'm not 100% sure if I sold you some armor.

I believe I was Fettcollector777 at the time.
I was watching your site but you took the helmet stuff off and seemed to be focusing on MG's and trooper items. It's nice to see the helmets and the webley.

I'm PMing you ahbout them.
Yep. I got back to building my Boba costume again. What do you think of the Webley. I know. I know. Bad pictures. I just finished it last night.
Here it is...

Looks good! I'm the same way with procrastination on my Fett armor - poor thing has taken a backseat twice in lieu of Stormtrooper and Vader projects.
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