Can you I.D this dodgy bucket and other goodies?


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Hi guys.

I'm wondering if some of you can impart some words of wisdom with regards to some Fett items that I've been offered in a trade for some non Star Wars related props. By the way, the trade doesn't involve anyone here, just someone local who got it from someone else.

Anyway, all sounded good until I got the box of bits to have a look at. I'd already been given the jet pack and that was less than impressive, being a vacformed job that had been put together quite badly and was wafer thin in places.The paint job sucked but that can be sorted.

Anyway, on looking at the stuff on offer it was a bit of a nightmare, and seeing as I'm anything but a Fett expert I was wondering if some of you would be kind enough to give your opinions on some of this. Unfortunately my camera batteries have died, so i only managed to snap the helmet and 1 shot of the gauntlets, but will post some more tomorrow.

Wait until you see the shots of the belt and the cape........nasty (n)

My thoughts are that this lot isn't worth trading for what I'm offering....

1) The helmet - I'm not sure what it was cast from, it is small , I have a size 57 / 7 1/4 sized head and can just get into it, but my nose would almost touch the visor. It has been cast from one that had all the damage and texcture of the peeling/flaking/worn paint all over it. Pretty crap casting as it is, and slightly warped at the back. My initial impression was that it's cast from a standard Don Post vinyl one, although I had one of those a few years back and dont remember the bits on the sides ( below the entenna ) being detachable..........any ideas? I'm aware that the top cover for the antenna is missing - no idea where that is.....





Here's the picture of the gauntlets. My initial thought was that they looked small, the flamethrower is missing, the keypad has been cut short to make it fit and the darts are positioned in the wrong place.



Well the helmet you can make work for you from those pic's, would take a lot but it can be done..

As for the gauntlets I would have to say NO(n):moon need to toss them things away.
hey, if you toss or get rid of any of that, I'd be more than happy to take it off your hands (including the helmet. I don't mind small helmets)
Okay , more scans as promised :(

I should point out that the guy who offered me this is a mate and knows little about Boba Fett so it isn't like he's trying to screw me over or anything like that. More a case of 'have a look at it and let me know ' :facepalm

Okay, heres the rest of it........ this flak jacket is freaking huge - the plates and shoulder bits are made of f/g resin , although the paint job needs serious attention.


I have simply called this picture ' WTF ' :lol: I think that green things supposed to be the cape :eek:


These suckers are made out of solid resin and weight a ton.
Plus they're real crap casts.


This lot of armour is actually grey sintra/plastic
sheet thats all been painted in that dark red/maroon colour!
Why? I have absolutely no idea.. Whats with the cod piece?
It's one piece of plastic cut and glued onto the other....


Another couple of shots of the gauntlets........
check the chopped calculator keypad :facepalm



These pouches are made of the thinnest cotton going...


The jet pack is a pretty poor vac formed job - obviously the paint job sucks - the piano keys are hardly visible - Ive stripped it down anyway because it was desperately in need of strengthening with some resin so removed the thrusters and the bottom caps, but what is with that cap on the bottom? There was a recessed vent in the bottom of the pack right? Clueless on that bit.



Considering that I really want to get together screen accurate Boba and Jango costumes then I think it fair to say I need to look elsewhere :lol:

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Well the jet pack -fixable- and helmet are good, A DP deluxe is not that bad of a helmet.

Personaly if it was me, I would not use the rest. I have bought alot of things that I couldnt use when I looked at the reference photo's and i'm not saying my fett is gonna be 100% accurate, but some parts, if your going for close to the movie version needs to be perfect.
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