Can I just say...

cami duncan

New Hunter
Thank you, to everyone that has posted a helpful thread on here

which is every thread.

I would like you guys to know i'm reading them all... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

going crazy in the process,....but reading...I think i have become a sponge for Zam.

I had the dressing a galaxy book out at my cube at work, manger think's i'm

But thank you, and Zam I am. your website is a god send :)

that's all....thanks everyone :)
If I have not already expressed it, I'd also like to thank everyone here! Thanks for being so welcoming to us new Zammers and providing a wealth of background info and help. I'm kicking myself for not making special use of some very special opportunities I had at FIDM though. My mind was just overwhelmed with Padme costumes at the time. It didn't help that Zam was at the end of the line when I was always dead tired or getting kicked out by security guards.
Welcome to both of you and good luck on your Zam endevours! And yes, you will probably end up going crazy (Not to mention broke) in the process of making this costume! I'm still in the process *It's my mantra* ZIA's Website is a Godsend! :D

I'll also second the being dead tired by the time you got to see Zam at FIDM! I was too... and totally overwhelmed by all the fantastic costumes, and at the very end, was Zam. *sighs* We went through twice, and took tons of pics and still didn't get everything we wanted! I swear, if you looked funny at those costumes the alarms went off! :lol:
atleast yall got to see FIDM...i mean i live in north carolina..and if it came anywhere near me, it was before i was interested in star wars costuming...

but thank goodness for digital pictures :)
I swear, if you looked funny at those costumes the alarms went off! :lol:

Yeah, we kind of got to know a few alarms in the room with the Wookies that just went off if you walked by. Mind you, I wasn't kicked out for tripping alarms! I'd get kicked out because I was always the last one in the Padme room and the Security guards were always told they could go home early if I left! "But it's not 8:00 yet! I drove down here from Northern California and got a hotel just to see all of this!" They knew me by name at the end :lol:
FIDM ~ Wow, yeah the guard kept on talking to me and I was really annoyed (inside) cause I jumped specifically into my zam costume to do comparison shots by Maul Maus. Who BTW, I would have not made it without her... SHE ROCKS! And I REALLY wanted to not talk to him and just have pics taken so that we could critique the heck outta stuff more. I totally forgot to get better shots from the fett angle, and more skirt shots to do comparison lengths. etc... Sigh. Wish we had more than 1 day there. I was stupid too, cause I spent a little too much time eyeballing other costumes when Maulmaus was already at the end waiting for me. But they were all sooo purty! Wish you could just pick Trisha Biggar's brains out. :lol:

Thanks to all of your compliments btw. I am glad that ya'll like the website. Wish I had time to update everything. Sigh.
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And I REALLY wanted to not talk to him and just have pics taken so that we could critique the heck outta stuff more.

Haha! Yes, the guards were friendly - and there were times when I also just wished I could tell them "I can't chat now! I'm trying to do pantone matches and note how many hooks and eyes are on this thing..." There was a nice guard though who was usually in the Zam/Padme area. I don't remember his name, the guard 2nd in from the left with gray hair. I'll bet you he was chatting with you! Your costume made a huge impression anyway because Dennis (one of the bookstore employees) kept telling me about your costume every time I visted! He was really impressed.

Sad thing is, since I hadn't studied Zam back then I squandered an excellent opportunity to check a few things out if you know what I mean :( I had a chance to take flash photos too - but didn't get any of Zam :cry

This has turned into an FIDM memorial service!
Yep, that's the one!
Well, thank you for your FIDM pics on your site. It really made up for some really aweful ones that came out of my camera. At least the ones you took without flash came out so incredibly nice.
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