Calling for a Lightsaber Mechanic!


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Ok, I got a perfect resin cast of a Sidous saber and an ok resin cast of a Darth Maul saber. Heck, Maul's even oms with the covertec clip cast along with the whole saber for one compelltly solid saber (sort of).

The Sidious one, I got no problems with. But Maul's has a couple of flaws and I need advice on how to fix 'em. I'm also not asking out of the lbue, I've thought of some ways to fix it, but I Wanted to get some advice before I did unrepairable damage. Here are some pics:
The whole saber:

First, I think on it's way here a piece chipped out of one of the emmiter rings. Is there a way glue it and make it secure to some degree?


One the other end, the is weak and flimsy. Any way to secure this to some degree? For both of these, I thought of using bondo or putty, but wasn't sure. Also, what's interesting, is that both of these problems are almost directly across from each other.

Also, one side is off. The other side is perfect, but this side sucks... any ideas?

Any advice would be very gratefull, thank you.
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I think for most little air bubbles, pock marks, or whatever can be filled with Bondo glazing and spot putty, but any large or deep imperfections, use regular Bondo as the putty will sag and the surface will crack, then you gotta go over it again, or sometimes more than that...

If you still have the piece that's broken off the emitter ring, rough sand the areas that you want to bond and then make sure both surfaces are clean and epoxy it back in place. It should stay glued in indefinitely-as long as you keep any lightsaber battles to a minimum... :)

:facepalm Actually, I just noticed that air bubble there last night when I was posting this

Thanks guys! better to confirm than to screw up.:lol:
Yup, like they fill putty for the air holes, epoxy for the chip. You could use something like JB Weld to make sure it stays there forever.
Gonna have a tough time with that seam I think. Gonna take sanding and bondo, oh and lots of patience. You can probably just superglue the broken piece back on. Then once you prime it again, you probably won't even be able to tell. Good luck
It might take a while to fix, but I got time coming up the week after next during spring break. I got a couple other props to paint up as well so I'll be busy with that.
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