Building Jango Fett?!?

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Yes. I've decided to do a Jango Fett. For many reasons...but, this one suffices: Cuz I want to! :cheers But, it's also because I've the base for it already. Roughly four years ago, I did a custom Mandalorian... the colors were black, silver and a burgundy/red. Which coincedently,became the colors that Jango Fett wore in Open Seasons # 3. Having seen all the fun at DCon that TDH- Boba's and Jango's were having, I had to join them. As most of you know, I've spent almost as long as SpideyFett in building a dialed-in uber accurant ESB Boba Fett. It's almost done. Now that I'm in my own place, you'd think I'd have time to finally attach everything and at long last Ta-Dah, Boba Fett! Well, not yet it appears. My Fett Armor and JP is in the attic at my to-be ex's, access is somewhat limited...:facepalm

So, I was thinking as I looked at Jango Fett pics from DCon...wait a minute! I've most of that!! A quick list of what I had already:

1) Jango black flightsuit from BKBT
2) Jango Armor and black leather vest from Shunned
3) Red/Burgundy gauntlets ready (some tweaks needed, but)
4) Jango helmet in OP#3 colors sitting lonely...
5) Girth Belt- hard to tell what color it is in the comic. Thought about getting a Jango belt, but wasn't able to yet, so will go with the burgundy ROTJ mohair extra girth belt I already have.

So, I set about w/ a shopping list, and over the span of a weekend, scored the following:
Pair of MR Jango Westars (thanks Phantom Fett!)
Jango holsters and ammo belt (thanks Cruzer!!!)
Getting the red cape he wears as well...

Yes, I know I don't have the Jet of yet...
The helmet is a nice one, it's one that Anthrax did years ago. Sure, it could be a touch bigger, but...

Looking forward to trooping this Halloween as a Fett...finally!!!8) 8)



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Thanks Scott!! And, you bet I'll have some pics to post!!8)

Which :jet pack do you plan on going with?

Well, the JP in OS # 3, was a combination of the two. Mostly this version :jet pack with a few tweaks. Working on it...8)

Well, This is an update.
All Metal Jango:

Jangos armor is gridded out to convert it from its 13/16" print out size to 1" for upscaling to life size.

Jangos, jet pack is fully layed out and ready for cutting including missile, and jet nozzles.

Next up is gridding out the guantlets plans for making flat layouts.

Ill keep ya posted when I have a pic to show of it at least partially assembled.

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