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Repairing a Broken Helmet

So I picked up my helmet to go put in the new visor that came in the mail today (My old one broke), when it slipped out of my hands. It's survived bigger falls, and it didn't even land on the side that broke, so it's a mystery how this happened. Instead of letting this get me down, I'll just start repairing it tomorrow.

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Ouch!!! But it looks like a clear cut.. must of been a crack there from the earlier falls....

Should be easy enough to repair.. Good Luck! (in a very sincere way..)
That sucks! You should be able to fix it fine with some fiberglass. It's a bummer though you have to repaint that beautiful paint job.
Ouch! But you can easily repair that.
My mystery helmet broke into six pieces. I used Epoxy and carefully glued it together, sanded it down and primered it. It looks great now.


You should be able to fix that with relative ease. The suck part is the paint job will have to be redone. I feel for you.
man if that happened to me i would have started going balistic. throwing things breaking everything i could get my hands on that didnt have any sentamental value and throwing the biggest fit ever. ya you can fix it. its just gunna be alittle more delicate
Man that sucks, but I know just how you feel. I was painting an EP3 clone helmet and it fell off my railing on my porch and cracked in several places, I nearly punched a hole in my wall I was so mad. I found one of my friends who said he can repair it for me. I was mad that I had to repaint it and it was just white with some weathering, I would go nuts if I had to repaint such a good looking Fett.
gosh... if that were to happen to me... I'd crack my own head in a very simmilair way...

me got great respect for your optimistic insight!! :)
and your right, you can fix this, everything's fixable!!

good luck!
Yikes. . . I just finished an MS helmet recently, and the thought of something like that happening makes me queasy.
You could leave it as-is and turn it into a post-Sarlaac helmet. ;)
that's a nightmare i think we've all had. but like other folks have said, it looks like a pretty clean break, so it should go back together with relative ease. maybe you'll get lucky and not have to repaint the whole thing! best wishes on a swift and complete recovery!
I sanded paint off about 1/3 on each side before I glued it. After that I applied some JB weld with my finger where the two parts would meet. I had some trouble getting it in the position that I wanted it to set in. When the glue had dried, I smeared some more JB weld on the seam on the inside of the helmet and a little bit on the outside seam to fill in the little cracks.

Sorry to hear of your accident. I'm not to familiar with JB Weld...but will that stuff sand easily? I hear the stuff hardens like steel? Just wondering how much elbow grease you're gonna have to put into sanding that area down again for painting. Good luck and keep us posted.
It would have been more effective if you would have layerd up some fiberglass inside of the helmet that way you could have gotten away just by touching up the crack with some paint, try to weather it in. The fiberglass will bond with the helmet and you would have gotten a stronger repair. I recomend that you still do this just to be safe.
that hurts!! I opened this thread and it was like watching a horror show. I jumped out of my chair when I saw your helmet. I am sorry for you man...good luck with the repairs
Okay, I just got a chance to start working on this agian. I sanded down the JB weld and painted. I will be fiberglassing the inside of the helmet to reinforce it and to keep its shape. I painted the back with the wrong green, so I'll be repainting that. Tomorrow I'll start on the weathering.

Finally got the weathering done, you can still see the weld line in some spots, but I'm okay with that. So I think I'm done repairing this (y) . I still need to fiberglass the inside of it to reinforce it and to keep it's shape.


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