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A while back I bought a resin blaster off ebay. It is a good looking EE-3 but it had a small mishap when my youngest Boba dropped it. Now it is broken where the pistol grip meets the body. Just wanted to see if some of the fine people here at TDH might have a idea for a fix. Any help would be great.

I used liquid resin to fill in bubbles on a few resin props that I have. That mite work. oh and one question, are you the one that won those sweet pre pro Boba gloves on ebay? If not ignore the question:D
the postal service broke mine in the same place. I used liquid nail to hold it back together. I put it on pretty thick and had to clean up the mess afterwards but it has held fine since then. The worst part was having to hold it tightly together for about an hour while it set. The first time I set it down after about 10 minutes and the bond didn't hold.

Good luck and let me know if I can help any.
Hey guys thanks for the advice. I'll give them a try. Yes viper thats me. I saw them and could not pass them up. Can't wait get them.

A good tip would also be to use something to strengthen the join as well as just glue/resin. find some strong dowel or short metal pins, drill holes in either side of the join on the faces of the bits to be joined. Make the holes the same diameter as the dowels/pins, glue the dowel/pins in and then glue it all together. That'll make it even stronger.

Good luck.

Good buy man. They look great. I had the first bid and then you came along. Oh well, I am glad a TDHer got them. Hope there as good as they look:D
the problem I had in thinking about doing that Han was that with the pieces seperate like that it was going to be almost impossible to line the holes up correctly. The only way to do so would have been to put the lieces together and drill about a 6" long hole all the way through from the butt of the gun into the barrel. Then of course would have come a long process of trying to fill the extra hole space with bondo and sanding and all of that fun stuff. The liquid nail has held up through a move, halloween, and 2 cons so far so I"m pretty happy with it.
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