Brand Spankin New, Going To Post My Progress


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I did Hyperfirm, although I got mine only a few months ago for $450 and that included the real Heiland flash. I got the last ESB EE-3 he was making, though, since he told me his mold broke and couldn't make anymore.

Sidewinder does resin casts, which is super cheap and really light as well, but in my opinion nothing beats a rubber gun. Especially if you'll be trooping with it. I could chuck my EE-3 and my E-11 from Hyperfirm across the street and wouldn't even be able to tell. Not that the resin casts aren't durable, but I know if I drop my Pulce 40 that thing is going to crack.
As much as I love resin casts. Rubber is the way to go for me. I’m clumsy.


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**Update 11/24/17

EE3 blaster ordered today from Hyperfirm. Jet Pack, armor, helmet and guantlets are going to be ordered from Wasted Fett, waiting til after the holidays to order those.


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**Update 11/30/17

Just got my blaster in!!!