Brak's Buddy Shoots My Jango

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Well, it's been three years since I have worn my suit and since Brak's took photos. I finally had the pleasure of wearing my suit and having him take pics once again! We literally just finished shooting and here are some of my favs of what we have along with some comparisons that show how far I've come with my suit and how far Brak's has come with his photography. There are so many people to thank for helping me in my suit that I won't even attempt to name them for fear of leaving someone out but you know who you are and you have my gratitude. I still have more upgrades it would seem thanks to new FP goodies so I will probably be doing this again next year. Ok, on with the pics!!!









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Holy Macaroni! Kristen you look fantastic! I cannot believe the difference between the 2:eek: really you've done a great job!!!
I remember you talking about redoing Jango at FIDM last year, really has it been a year? GEEZ how time flys!!!
I am so jealous now, **goes off to mope in the corner.**
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I akways thought your first set looked great but your V2 looks great and Braks photography really compliments the costume even further.

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Killer outfit and some really great photos !

Was hoping to see you in your Jango live at DC :cry
Always next year.:)

If I get my Boba done before DC next year I might have to bribe Brak to take a couple photos seeing how we live in the same town


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The number of incredible Jangos is growing at an alarming rate

You should bring your new suit along when you do another shoot here. We ought do a clone thing.


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Wow Kristen it looks great. I thought V.1 of the suit looked killer the upgrades look amazing. I wish I would have seen it this weekend in person.


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Kristen, awesome pictures! I was lucky enough to catch you in front of the 501st table in your Jango and took these two shots:



Your upgrades are AWESOME! Well done!

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It's like looking at TV's at the mall ... by themselves they are both fantastic costumes, but side by side your upgrade is clearly superior and incredible work.

Well done !! :cheers


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i'm just now starting to study up on jango stuff so i can't pick out the details easily (yet!)... i never would have thought anything bad about the 2003 one, but the 2006 one is a HUGE difference!


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Awesome!! Kristen!!
Can only repeat what everyone else has said! What a great improvement and really nice pics!