Brak's Buddy Jango Fett photo shoot.

You look banging Brother! Awesome pics! This is my fav,very cool Art!

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Outstanding photos, excellent range of poses really captures the essence of your costume, Seeker you’re one the main reasons why I love Jango so.:D
Wow!! Those turned out just friggin' incredible Turo (and Art!!)

So Art, when my suit's done (which after a 3 yr plan (a year of research and acquiring parts, and then the superb painting efforts of one of our reknowed Fett artists,is now ready for final weathering and attaching)
Will ya come out and take pics?? ;) :D (y) (y) I do an excellent bbq...!!

:cheers :cheers

It's all good guys, have fun!

My wife has friends in Chicago who we'll be seeing on the 18th.

Where do you live and will your costume be home alone any time that day.....? :lol: :lol:
Is this the Hurry up and take the picture so i can go to the bathroom shot? :lol:

Photoshop some flames in this one and a cool background and it will be a very impressive action shot.

Or this one.

Actually. Most of them would make great action shots with a little photoshop work. :)

Seeker. Your Jango is definitley the best. (y)
Bracks. Truly outstanding photography. (y)
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SEEKER said:
Thanks for the great compliments guys.:)

Ashaman. those are Clonesix's armor. You can't buy that armor. I think he only provides that armor to his close friends.


Aw man that's too bad.:cry Really great craftsmanship though. Although maybe I should just concentrate on working on my Boba the Jango costumes first before I bite off more than I can chew.
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