Boushh Helmet Electronics Redux


New Hunter
I'm currently working on an electronics kit for the Boushh helmet. After looking at some of the existing offerings I decided that, well, the mousetrap could possibly be improved. Better connectors, custom wire lengths, smaller electronics, etc.

So question, after having installed some electronics kits in your props and costumes, is there anything in general you wished were better about them? Or anything specific to a Boushh kit?

Are you good with run-of-the-mill non-rechargable batteries? Would you rather use LIPOs? Are there any kinds of batteries that are commonly used?


Active Hunter
Anything to do with the Boushh helmet needs to be small. I’m able to run a 9v battery to a fan in the tusk area and a 9v wired to the visor lights. These seem to be sufficient.

My issue is the voice box placement. Not sure how that works on the body. And there is no room in an already small helmet.