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  1. Tfett40

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    After sending my wife several subliminal messages over the last few months about how cool Boushh looks, buying Boushh items and talking about Princess Leia and Boushh, she has finally agreed to building one. WIN!

    While I get armor parts sorted out with Scott (Darkshadow), collect fabric, materials etc. I thought I would tackle the Electro Staff. Considering this is going to be an extensive build, I did not want to tack on
    more money than neccesary for the staff. While researching the Boushh build, I came across an image of someone using PVC parts for the Electro Staff. On my recent trip to Lowes I took with me the following Sideshow Figure Staff and reference photos.

    Using the images I grabbed a 10ft-1inch PVC pipe along with several coupling and adaptors that I thought could work.

    Here is what I grabbed for $30.93


    I decided to first begin with placing on the bottom footing and details of the staff. I used a 1 inch locking end cap and 1 inch PVC Union socket end to achieve this:


    Since the staff is so long, one of the things I wanted to do was to have it separate in two piece and attach on/off for easier transport. I noticed in the reference photos, the staff is held onto around the chest area. Since my wife and I are the same height, I decided to cut it at my chest level and this will be the area I could place a coupling to connect the lower and upper parts of the staff. The connection coupling can then be covered by holding the staff in this area.



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  2. Tfett40

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    I spent a bit of time at Lowes looking at PVC fitting and I think these pieces are going to workout great for the top portion of the staff.


    The length of the upper PVC tube that connect to the middle coupling and inline check valve is going to vary on ones height. I slowly trimmed this portion of the pipe until I got it at height that was visibly comparable to the reference photos:


    So here is what I have so far. The upper staff needs some filling and detail fixing and the lower staff still needs some more tubing and boxing. But overall, I am happy with my start and that fact I can take it apart.


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  3. Barn

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    Excellent stuff. I would love to make one for my MMCC Mando.
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  4. Viper

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    This is awesome! Great work!
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  5. alvomedia

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    Really incredible work! I've wandered down the plumbing aisle at Lowes on more than one occasion, trying to wrap my head around the parts needed for a PVC electro-staff build. I've searched for parts lists, but have never been able to find anything. A lot of people will find this information invaluable!! Thank you for posting in such great detail! Great stuff right here!
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  6. Tfett40

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    My build continued today with some clean up work by covering some unwanted seams using an old pill bottle and cutting it to fit over a gap and grinding down unwanted ribbing and lettering on the pvc. 1645581f73ca4fea89c4cb5578d596af.jpg c483e895cfd1b2396c7894a48f54e63b.jpg
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  7. Tfett40

    Tfett40 Member

    Thank you. I am still playing around with some parts and will continue to document any changes. It wont be accurate, but I'll try to get it good enough.
  8. RishhaKal

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    I'm in the beginning stages of my Boushh build, and this WIP is an INCREDIBLE reference. Awesome work!!
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  9. Hoot916

    Hoot916 New Member

    wow great stuff , I am making a boushh for my daughter, waiting armor and helmet.Keep up the good work
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  10. Tfett40

    Tfett40 Member

    After sanding, spot filling areas and some more standing, here is what my pieces look like

    I got a bit impatient and decided to give them a quick blast of black paint I had lying around and this is the out come.


    And how it looks assembled side my side. I am happy so far with the progress and still going to add some more greeblies and clean up to make it a tad bit more accurate.


    I think I am going to address the missing middle circular ribbing by using a bungee cord and some wrist bracelets to achieve that effect. We shall see

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  11. DRTHM8TR

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    Keep up the incredible work. I'm building Boushh as my first and this is really helpful. Thank you

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  12. Tfett40

    Tfett40 Member

    After doing some deeper research into the Boushh staff, it came to my attention that the tip of the staff is a C3P0 Leg Piston *mind blown*. But it really does not surprise me since nearly alot of parts are recycled to make others in the Star Wars Universe.

    With that said. There was an option to buy a resin cast of this piston to be accurate. But I wanted to still keep this staff as a budget build. In order to get the added detail and bevels to replicate the leg piston. My wife offered me her hair bungees, ties and a few other item lying around the junk drawer. I just played around with the shapes, cut them to fit, found what I liked, glued them down and hit them with a primer coat of paint.



    I am pretty satisfied with his look. Time to move onto the lower staff.
  13. blackyck

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    Dude Teddy blown away!!!!! Can't wait to see her next to you in Boba!

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  14. Tfett40

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    A second trip to home depot cost me an additional $33, the PVC glue at $5.99 and the PVC locking inline at $8.99 were my high ticket purchases.


    Hopefully, these parts will give me something resembling the bottom portion of Boushh's staff:

    I started with making the thicker portion tube by grabbing 1.5 ABS Tubing with end caps. I cut it down to size and glued on the caps. I attached the tube to the bottom staff using pvc glue and 2 inch screws:

    Next, was the smaller tube. For that I used the 3/4 inch pvc pipe, end cap, pvc lock inline, cut, glue and screwed into the 1.5 inch ABS tube.

    Lastly, for the thinner longer rod with attenna end, I went with using a sprinkler head with metal adjusting screw, 1/2 inch piping, couplings and a few reducing end caps. I used pvc glue and screws to attach this rod to the main staff.

    I did a little filling of my mistake holes, some sanding and hit with a blast of primer paint:

    I am missing a box like item one of the side tube, but overall for $64 of pvc piping material, I am extremely happy with the outcome so far. With this I will move forward with my final paint up.
  15. blackyck

    blackyck New Member

    Rad Teddy

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  16. Morbius13

    Morbius13 New Member

    Awesome job! Any other ideas on where to find these part? I've been to two Lowes stores and Home Depot. Neither of them carry any of these parts. Some come close, but the sizing starts at 2" instead of 1" like yours. I'd like to give it a try to make one like this.
  17. MythicalFett

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    Thread bookmarked! This is great.
  18. Andi85

    Andi85 New Member

    Very Great work!
  19. bojaGun

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    excellent & cool work!

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