bought my first bucket


i bought my first boba fett helmet today. i picked up a '96 DP off of ebay for $50. i can't wait to get it, and repaint it. i've never done anything like this before so it's going to be an interesting project. i'm also beginning to make my armor using the trash can method. i will try to post pics of the helmet once i get it and start a progress thread to share with everyone here. i will surely be on here looking for some help. i'm going to do the ESB paint as that is by far my favorite movie in the saga. wish me luck!


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That is the best practice helmet that you can get for that price. Good luck about 4 months ago I was in the same shoes like you. Want to see pics when done.

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Might also be a good idea to take some progress pics to. Just remember to take your time, and be sure to let the paint dry ... don't touch it to see if it is (thats a really ugly habit of mine.)


finally got my helmet today. man, am i stoked to get going on this. i already pulled off the stock "visor", wasn't very hard, i think i was stuck in there with kindergarten paste or something. it's going to need a little sanding to get rid of the blobs on the top and back. i'll be sure to post progress pics for ya's.






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I sense great promising progress pics in the near future....

Good luck with the helmet! I can't wait to see a nice fresh full visor in it!



i got the visor and key slots cut out last night, removed the rf and sanded the bejesus out of the blobby spots. i hope they don't show up too much with all the layers of paint. i'll see how they look after the aluminum goes down. i couldn't get them to totally go away, but they're very smooth to the touch. that rf was on there pretty good. i hope i can get it back on just as good. i left 2 1" high strips of the front part of the visor attached for support. i'll cut them out once i'm done painting and get a nice new visor. it's primered and ready for the first coat of the aluminum base which i'll probably put down tonight before i head out of town for the weekend. once i get pics tonight i'll start an acutal progress thread.


i've got a lot of the painting done. now to do the back, which i'm dreading. i haven't decided yet if i'm going to do it in layers or topically, so i left it the aluminum color for now, with some of the dome green on it. these are all the progress pics i took. i didn't see the point in taking a ton of pics of the helmet mostly covered in tape and newspaper. :p i left the 2 small pieces in the visor until my new visor arrives. i ordered one of the newer darker ones from, i'll do a review when i get it. so, here it is for now, it still needs the scratches and a good weathering job, but i'm very pleased so far. keep in mind the flash lightens the colors.





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