Bossk’s arm diameter?


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so I will be starting on sculpting Bossk’s arms very soon and in the matter of being accurate, or close there to. I do not know the diameter/ circumference of his forearm.
I would like them to match up to what’s being used as an arm seal on the suit
I have just aske on Lonestars awesome suit post also, but though let’s put it out there.

What are people using for the arm seal and what’s the size commonly used?



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Well at my end of the world I went and brought a rubber pipe coupler that may or may not work well, but so far its the best I can find...until something else pops up or I manage to find a suit sealing/coupler ring similar to the ones used on the flight pressure suit ( maybe that’s just a pipe dream :))

I have cut the ring in half to match the size better... only a quick cut at present, i will clean it up and match the right width latter

Here is the measurements for size...Metric ( what us weirdos us) outer 125mm inner 110mm

And again in Imperial, for your American clarification outer 5” inner 4 1/3”