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has anyone had problems with their snaps pulling out of their boot. i have the new reione bots and have not put snaps in there,as in past experience with my bedford stus the snap pulled out.

my questions are:

1. do u use the heavy duty snaps found at walmart for $2

2. or do you use leather snaps

3. and how does one attach the snap in the boot?

I dont know anything about Jango, but i know the snaps from wal-mart you have to punch a hole in the material and then it hammers together, and it will not pull out, it would have to rip the whole snap out complety -think a levi's jeans rivet-
I went to my local cobbler armed with a yard of 1" elastic and my boots. He installed snaps on my boots and straps (he provided the leather for the straps as well) for a whopping $10. I used the Walmart snaps on my old boots and they fell off many times. I say if you're spending $200 on your boots, then have a professional do the work for you. You don't really want to mess up those boots ... do you?
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